Thursday, September 30, 2010

No one’s watching

 ...Because leaving your inhibitions behind, isn’t always easy…

The artistic team responsible for the Nuit Blanche installation “No One’s Watching” has taken a decidedly oppositional stance to the way in which the media treats its public.  In stripping away all of the burdens, the pressures, the filters, and the expectations that accompany adulthood, Erin Lucuik, Megan Blandford-Lewis and Rachel Shaw have re-discovered the joys of child’s play. 
No one’s watching you, no one’s judging you and most importantly, in this project, there’s no such thing as right or wrong.  Tap into your childhood self and regain that sense of unbridled creativity, because, in the name of Nuit Blanche, that’s all that matters!
Using preloved’s West Queen West storefront as their canvas, the team hopes their work will encourage participants to tap into the left side of their brains by giving them carte blanche, literally.  But isn’t Nuit Blanche for artists, you ask?  Sure, but if anything can be learned from an all night contemporary art extravaganza it’s that art can be accessible to all.  With that said, “No One’s Watching” puts participants in the driver’s seat. 
Don’t be surprised if you have some performance jitters.  A blank canvas can be daunting for even the most accomplished of artists.  But, have no fear, because this time there’s a twist that can’t be revealed until opening night. 
On October 2nd, stop by 881 Queen Street West, but remember to leave your inhibitions at the door.  Only open minds and open hearts are welcome.

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